Network monitoring tools for P2P LAN

By The Weekly Geek ·
I have a couple of customers who keep "losing" computers throughout the day.
The are all Peer-to-peer and consist of less than 13 computers and networked devices like printers.
In both cases they are a mixture of XP and Vista.
What happens is one or more computers just quits seeing other computers BUT they still see other computers. Confusing?
All computers see everyone and everything at 9 am. At 9:19 Computer A no longer sees Computer B, C and D. In most cases B,C and D can still see A but not always. Now at say 11:12 am Computer A can magically see everyone again. Now it is 1:34pm and Computer F no longer sees A, D, M, and N but once again sees everyone else.
I have checked all LAN cables with a cable tester, I have replaced routers and switches at both locations.
This occurs more frequently (but not solely) on the Vista Machines, especially Vista to Vista.
I tried Wireshark and SpiceWorks but they just did not help me. Yes, I did/do check event logs on the computers but again, nothing.

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XP pc

by shasca In reply to Network monitoring tools ...

Is Netbios enebled on the xp PC's? This chatty protocal will keep communications up if there are no other mechanical issues causing the disconnect. We had several peer to peer networks setup in the past. The best way to keep them talking was with this protocal

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by The Weekly Geek In reply to XP pc

It has been a while since I checked that and I will this coming week. I will also see about it in Vista since the Vista machines are the ones with the problem about 3 times more often than XP

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