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"Network name is no longer available"

By cttechguy72 ·
I have a database admin that is runing a few batch files that copy zip files across servers and then unzips thems so they can be processed by some other program. Lately the Error message "Network NAme is no longer Available " is occuring when copying various zip files from one server to another. The batch file aborts. I suggested we try to add NET USE commands to the start of the batch file to connet to the UNC paths. Any other suggestions or reasons why this would occur. No errors are being reports in event viewer and the servers are all online.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to "Network name is no longe ...

Sounds like a dns issue. try using the ipaddress instead of the dns/netbios name. i.e. "copy c:\testdir\testfile.txt \\\share\file.txt" See if you get any errors with that.

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by jamahl In reply to "Network name is no longe ...

I too am having the same problem. Specifically when transferring .ZIPped .LDF and .MDF files of any size. We are using IP not DNS, so that is out.
Ours seems to be occuring on a VLAN'd Extreme Gig-E switch bridging to a 10/100 Cisco. I'm trying to determine if there is a packet size issue.

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by cttechguy72 In reply to "Network name is no longe ...

I had the programmer add NET USE commands but this didnt help. The error still occured. Thanks

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by cttechguy72 In reply to "Network name is no longe ...

If it is packet size let me know. Do you think increasing the throughput on the NIC could solve this ? I was going to run a few tests with some smaller files to see if it makes a difference. Keep me posted on your findings and I will do the same.

Thanks alot

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I found a solution

by Sharpie_O In reply to

I found in my case that the file had something wrong with it. I could do other files but not that one.

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Sunbelt Personal Firewall (SPF)?

by MarkJL0 In reply to I found a solution

Did/do you have Sunbelt Personal Firewall (SPF) installed? If so, there a known problem (and workaround) copying any file that has the character string "Volume Serial Number" in it.

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by dcollyer In reply to "Network name is no longe ...

We have a problem that is similar. I have not had a chance to look into this but someone suggested that if 802.1x is enabled on the server interface it could potentially disrupt communications from time to time when it tried to authenticate. Sounded like a possibility. Good luck.

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