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By mike_lengyel ·
I would like some more information on the browsing service on an Windows NT domain. I am running most ethernet however, I do have some token-ring. It seems that the usres who are on token ring are not able to see the entire network (via network neighborhood); however, they can map to all network drives and access all network resources based on their premissions. Does anyone have any idea why this maybe happing and am I correct blaming it on token ring?

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re: token ring and browsing

by Katherine Edelkoort In reply to Network Neighborhood

The Computer Browser service in Windows NT is responsible for building the list of computers you see in the Network Neighborhood.

All Windows computers that run the Server service or have File and Printer Sharing installed, broadcast their presence on the network. The Computer Browswer service holds an election of all Windows-based computers (by default) to "elect" a Master Browser and Backup Browser. These are the computers that will collect broadcasts from the computers to build the list of computers and to give it to other computers on the network. This election occurs on each network segment, therefore there is a Master and Backup browser on each segment, collecting information about their segment only....since this service is completely broadcast-based....unless you have an LMHOSTS file or a WINS server running that allows the Master Browsers to talk to each other.

Perhaps the device connecting your token ring to your ethernet is stopping the broadcasts (ie. router). Perhaps the computers on the token ring section are not set up exactly the same.

Katherine Edelkoort
Brainbench "MVP" for WinNT Admin

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