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    i have a question on networking, i have been assigned a project that could grow to be pretty large in scale. i was assigned the job to create an network or pc’s, intra-office email and security. the actual networking part i think i am okay with its the mail server hat is the problem. i will be using Server 2000 OS and Microsoft Exchange 2000 mail server, i basically need a baby step explanation of the processes this jump will intale. On this mial server can i store all the software for all of the pc’s to run off of, what really is the difference between a server and a pc besides spec’s?, is mail server setup a difficult thing, where can i get some good information on this. please i a new to this and i know it is going to be a big project so any guidence would be greatly appriciated.

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      Network Newbie

      by mferrel ·

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      One thing you don’t mention is how many pcs you will be connecting. If it is a relatively small number it may be way more cost effective to let users use their Outlook software as a client but simply use your ISP as the mail server. If you are noton a static TCP/IP now it would probably be benificial to do so. In an always on situation you can send emails over the internet to each other and outside as well.

      In a more direct answer to your question…
      Setting up a single Exchange Server for a single location is really pretty easy. Before anyone gives more detailed advice though a little more info about the network topology would be useful.

      I’m guessing…single location, single floor, ethernet, 100baseT switches, broadband connection to the internet, less than 25 clients etc… but it would help greatly if you would provide your assumptions or existing setup

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