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network or system problem?

By afram ·
Our main office has a full data T1 and an Eclipse ERP system. Remote offices in other parts of the country have no problems. We just opened a new office that also has a full T1 (with the same provider as the main office). The remote office only has 4 PCs and a printer and a sonicwall Firewall (same model as the main office).

The remote office reports that Eclipse will intermittently slow down to a crawl on all of their PCs. The rest of the connection to the Internet works fine (browsing the web, email, etc is not slow at all). The PCs in the remote office are fully patched, running Antivirus software and are spyware free.

A packet sniffer shows no unusual traffic. The service provider reports there are no errors on the circuit and bandwidth has never exceeded 50% since the remote office opened last month.

Eclipse consultants say there is nothing wrong with the Eclipse system (not slow in the main office or other remote offices).

While the two offices are connected by VPN via two sonicwall hardware devices, a network consultant says the setup is OK.

So where do you think the problem is?


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by acattr In reply to network or system problem ...

Some client/server applications don't run well over a VPN. There are too many factors that can cause slow down. We found that for most applications that slow down over VPN we use Citrix or Terminal Services. Either solution uses a minimul amount of traffic compared to directly accessing the system over a VPN.

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by j_leonardo_perez In reply to network or system problem ...

I believe you should seek a better consultant, who can provide you a better assessment of the issues your having. Just, placing a network sniffer doesn't provide enough information, as a consultant I would look further with bandwidth utilizations for a time period, as well as resources utilization at each firewall, to make an opinion and correct the problem rather then saying ?it looks ok?

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by rob.mcewan In reply to network or system problem ...

You need to be more specific with your problem specification. Do the other offices use the ERP in the same way? Are the connected using Sonicwall devices? Do they have T1 connections? or are the connected in a completly different way?
What time of day do the slow downs occur? what else is happening at the same time?

Try and identify specific distinctions between the sites with no problem, and the problem site.

If you are going to engage a new consultant, ask them to explain what problem solving methodology they use before they start poking about too much. Look for someone with a defined process.

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