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Network Password Problem

By delcome.212 ·
Please help! I have two PCs connected via a Cat5 crossover cable. Both machines are running Win 98 and their Ethernet cards are installed and working correctly (according to the Device Manager). Both machines appear in the Network Neighborhood and are correctly named, appear on the correct workgroup etc. However, if I try to look at the contents of C: of "machine 1" from "machine 2", or vice versa, I'm asked to supply a network password. I have no idea what this password is or even why Windows is asking for it - no passwords are in force for print and file share. Any thoughts??

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by jschein In reply to Network Password Problem

Windows 98 does not have a default share installed... You must share a folder or drive in order to gain access to it from another. If you want, when you share it, you may put a password on it.

Good luck.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Network Password Problem

make sure that every pc has the same accountname and password.
go to start-run-command.
type cd\winddows
dir *.pwd (to see the accounts)
then del *.pwd
exit the dos prompt.

loggof (and then enter the username and password that you want to use.

Do this on both computers.


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by compgirlfhredi In reply to Network Password Problem


1. Client for Microsoft Networking, File and Printer Sharing installed, all machines;
2. All machines have identical Workgroup names, and different machine names;
3. Under TCP/IP properties:
. Set all machines to obtain an IP address automaticly.
. Click the Advanced button, DNS tab, "Enable Netbios over TCP/IP" and disable use LMHOSTS.
4. Make all the users of computer A users of Computer B & C & D, and similarly for all machines repeat the process.
5. Share something: disk, folder, printer, something on both computers. All computers then will have the same list of username and passwords.
6. Remove firewalls.
7. Every user logs on with a username and password. No blank or empty passwords, no hitting the Esc key or hitting Cancel at startup.

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