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Network path not find

By nickoom ·
I have a small network, running on a domain with all my computers having static IP addresses.I had a system crash on one os the workstation and I had to re-install the operating system(Win 2000 Prof.)
After the installation and trying to join the domain the system was telling me that network path not find.
Meanwhile, when I used a workgroup with the static IP address, i am able to browse the internet but can not join the domain.
What do I do, If that PC does not join the domain, then my policies for the domain will not affect that PC.

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by windmill In reply to Network path not find

Are you using the same computername?
If so delete the computer from the doamin controller (if using w2k AD of course) and then join the reinstalled pc.
Good Luck!

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by jschein In reply to Network path not find

1. Ensure your primary DNS is pointing to your server.

2. If using 2k Server, when you add the computer to the domain (Lets say your domain is Domain) and you use the DOMAIN to add to... it fails... Try the and it should work.

3. Also ensure you have the proper gateway #'s.

That's basically all you need to have a successful session to add a pc to a domain.

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by Eric9 In reply to Network path not find

Can you please check two things. Firstly can you make sure that the primary DNS of your new workstation is pointing at a DNS server that is aware of your domain, (presuming you are using Active Directory) that will most likely be a Windows DNS server.

Then second, if you named the machines the same name, delete the computer account from Active Directory, Users and Computers.


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by ewgny In reply to Network path not find

Manually delete any old DNS records associated with the workstation, then rejoin to the domain

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