Network Performance Issues

By lmalhoit Contributor ·
I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to narrow down network performance issues. What tools can I use? Where do I learn how to use them. Do I need to use a Linux OS or is it possible to do it from Windows? I know that I have issues, but I'd like to figure out exactly where the bottle-necks are. Thanks in advance!

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Couple of Ideas

by robo_dev In reply to Network Performance Issue ...

You can do what you need with Windows.

Start with the basic stuff:

Net view

The next level would be to use a protocol analyzer or tool such as:

1) WireShark (open source protocol analyzer)

2) Microsoft Network Diagnostics Tool

The even more advanced level would be:

If you have SNMP capable switches or routers, is to look at individual port, processor, or network statistics with a SNMP management tool such as CiscoWorks, HP OpenView, or SolarWinds. ($$$)

This SNMP information can give you a whole universe of info to help you fix problems.

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by lmalhoit Contributor In reply to Couple of Ideas

Thanks for your ideas! That all makes sense. I'm just kind of new to this so I appreciate the direction.

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No problem. Even if you don't know all the answers immediately

by robo_dev In reply to Thanks

A tool like WireShark will give you a TON of good information.

The main difference between a free tool like WireShark and an expensive commercial protocol analyzer is that the commercial tools will tell you exactly what's wrong, while with the free tools, you are given all the data and have to figure it out for yourself.

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