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    Network Places


    by pmidnite ·

    How do I keep users printers and scheduled tasks from showing up in Network Places on the LAN?

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      by deadly ernest ·

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      They will show up whilst ever the host computer has file and printer sharing activated and those resources and listed for sharing.

      In most cases you can have them NOT show on the other network devices by going to the computer that they are installed on and going

      My Computer >> select the device or folder in question >> right hand click for the menu >> select ‘Sharing and Security’ >> then deselect the square beside ‘Share this Folder on the Network’

      this should stop the resource from being shared and it should no longer be visible on the LAN.

      NB: If it is a folder and a higher level folder is shared it can still be found through the higher folder.

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      by pmidnite ·

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