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By acl33d ·
A company has outsource their IT services to our company and I have never involve in any project before but I have been given the opportunity to help in planning and setup a network infrastructure. It has to be cost effective.
Users: 60
Networking devices (Firewall, switches)
Application server
Mail server
Anti-virus solution
Remote Server administration (What software)
Wireless lan solution
Internet services
What kind of vendors those are reliable (sourcing)
Server hardware
Other services
Disaster plan
I hope anyone could share his or her precious experience with me. What kind of products to recommend and ideas

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by CG IT In reply to Network Planning

Heck, we'll come out and for about $40K we'll set up the network with Microsoft Small Business Server Premium Edition running on an HP Proliant ML350 server with dual Intel 3.2ghz processors, 2 GB of memory, 3 36 GB SCSI in a RAID 5, 2 Cisco 2950Ts, Veritas Backup Exec 10.0 and Quantum DLT 70 external, Symantec Corporate 10 AV, all new Dell Desktops with 17" LCDs, Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, SonicWall Firewall or a Symantec 360 firewall, Microsoft 3 year Software Assurance and Open Value licensing, and 65 Small Business Server client access licenses.

Included is 30 days 24/7 technical support and 1 instances of 2hr
per month onsite maitenance support for 12 months.

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by CG IT In reply to

forgot all this includes new wire pulls, equipment rack [7' rack] patch panels [pre-wired].

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by CG IT In reply to

hozcanhan thinks 100K TOS with SBS Premium???
naw. remember our price is for Microsoft Open Value Licensing for SBS and 65 users, Office 2003 Professional with 65 user licensing, Symantec AV with 65 user licensing, and with Open Value, you get software assurance from MS for 3 years which means you get Vista when it comes out next year and SBS "Cougar" when it's released next year plus if need be, the total cost can be made in 3 equal payments over a years period of time. Open value also has the option for employee ownership. And our price includes brand new desktops [64 bit] AMD processors, 512MB DDR memory 60 GB hard drives, with 17" LCDs.

Our 48U rack is far better than a shortie because of the UPS 1500 which is almost as big as the server itself.

The life expectancy with open value that includes new getting the new releases of new software [Vista and Cougar] provided that the 3 year open license is renewed for another 3 years is 10 years. The hardware life expectancy is 7 years [owning that getting the latest and greatest every 18 months isn't a concern with business]. There still are companies that run NT simply because it runs. Ralphs grocery market still runs W2K in most of its stores and their POS also runs on W2K.

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by CG IT In reply to Network Planning

ah forgot wireless and remote management.

Wireless, depends upon how many clients and what type of building. Remote management , we recommend Computer Associates CA Business PRotection suite for Microsoft Small Business Server Premium Edition [trial available either from us or Computer Associates].

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by hozcanhan In reply to Network Planning

acl hi ! do what CG tells you and you will end up with a 100K total cost of ownership at the end of 3 years . I can go step by step .
First cabling :
Use structured cabling . A small 9U cabinet with a 48+24 port patch panel setup . This cost is small and don't forget to draw spare/additional lines. Cat 5e should be enough . Buy quality outlets and patch cables .
second active lan equip :
Buy 2 switches with 48*10/100 + 2 slot or giga port and 24*10/100 + 2 slot or giga port configs. Cascade the swithes through the gig ports . Use the other 2 gig ports to connect your servers . Thus one server on each switch , balanced load . Choose your users accordingly on each switch .
third server hardware :
I find it "sensitive" to say anything about this . But make sure your NICs are server type gigabits.
fourth server and client os :
If I were you I would choose linux for the proxy,mail,firewall purposes . Best cost reliable performance . Also make sure some people get to use Open Office . The rest you can make 2003 , Xp etc.
fifth remote server , antivirus :
Both linux and 2003 has remote admin features, antivirus ( don't buy expensive suites )
Wireless :
Buy a good brand ( us robotics,cisco or linksys ) b/g supported DSL router with 4 eth ports . OR if your need is a cisco router according to your ISP connection ( depends on your area ) buy an AP and usb wireless adapters . Use the usb extender cables to get best reception . Make sure the "horn" ( patch ) antennae of the Ap are removable . Put a short pigtail and amateur antennae to improve gain by at least %20 .
Disaster plan ? How much budget do you have ?
STUDY Tech Republic's hardcore advice paper on this very issue .
We'll take from here after you assimilate these.
good luck .

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by scmgithd In reply to Network Planning

I can tell you what we use..
Networking devices (Firewall, switches): Cisco Firewall and any standard switch
Application server: HP with Windows 2003
Mail server: Don't use this
Anti-virus solution: Symantec Corporate Edition loaded on the server to send updates to the computers automatically. The computers don't have to be part of the domain-very cool.
Remote Server administration (What software)-You can use remote desktop connection (I think) to connect through a VPN
Wireless lan solution - Don't have this at work
Internet services - Cable modem
What kind of vendors those are reliable (sourcing): I really like CDW and have found that I can trust their technical assistance. Servers I buy locally so I have good support.
Server hardware-local vendor
Other services
Disaster plan

Not sure if I was helpful at all! Good luck!


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