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By itpro128 ·
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Hi Tech geeks, please show me the path to get some Network + free study guides and Cheat sheets and exam tips.

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by engineer3d In reply to Network +

The sites I look at, (besides Tech Republic) are the following: and also

Yes! they do ask a lot of the same repetitive questions since a lot of them are retired exams and study guides. But they do the job well, since we know there's still older architecture residing
out there. But ohter than that, the last one I goto is my student account (they have one for casual users too) and thats at

Hope it Helps!

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by dmiles In reply to Network +

Exam Details:
CompTia's Official Exam Info
CERTguide's Forums - Join discussions with others preparing for this exam.

Study Guides:
CERTguide's own Study Guide
Certify Express

Daily Practice questions:
CERTguide's Question of the day mailing list

Online Sample Tests:
*** Online Test (20 Questions) CERTguide Original ***
Network+ online practice exam (free registration required)
Online Test, Test2, Test3, Test4 (25 Questions each) by Freepractice
Online Test, Test2, Test3, Test4, Test5
Test6, Test7, Test8, Test9, Test10
(20 Questions each) by APLUS Omega
Online Test 1, (25 Questions) by Certification Tests
Online Test (20 Questions) by Examnotes
Online Test1, Test2 (25 & 30 Questions) by Mike's Free Certification Practice
Online Test (30 questions) by Examdrill

Download Sample Tests
Transcender Net+ Demo 7.5MB
ExamEssentials 12MB
Boson (24 Questions) 3MB
Arlanatech (30 Questions) 2.5MB

CERTguide's Book Reviews

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by itpro128 In reply to

Thank U very Much.

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by itpro128 In reply to Network +

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