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    Network+ Certification – Is it Worth it?


    by david_e_moore ·

    Hey everyone, I want to know general opinion other on whether or not the new CompTIA Network+ certification is worth all the effort. I got a CCNA as my first certification out of high school and then an A+ cert. My CCNA is expired now, and I want to advance my career in IT with some solid certifications. I have been studying off and on for the Network+.

    Could anyone tell me, is this certification worth all the trouble??


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      Renew your CCNA

      by rwatters ·

      In reply to Network+ Certification – Is it Worth it?

      Renewing your CCNA would be more beneficial than getting the Network+ certification.

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        CCNA Renewal

        by david_e_moore ·

        In reply to Renew your CCNA

        Thanks, I want to move up in my IT career and possibly to a Desktop Support role or really, I want a Network Support job. I was thinking eventually doing something in Server 2003 or Server 2008. I know Cisco jobs are hard to come by, and being married I need something stable and long lasting. I’m thinking something like renewing the CCNA and maybe starting something for MCSA. Thanks for the Info though.

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