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Network+ Exam

By Robotech ·
I would like to get some feedback on the Network+ exam. I tried the CISCO CCNA and failed because I ran out of time. The questions that really killed me were the questions related to the more complex IOS features.
Would I have an easier go at Network+?

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by nitemite2003 In reply to Network+ Exam

Hi Robo,
I am an CompTIA A+ certified professional, and currently working on my Network+ in order to get closer to achieving my MSCA certification. I went throug a 9mos Cisco Netwroking Academy Program, and I still have'nt taken my CCNA exam as of yet, reason why you ask? I want to ensure I am prepared. The best advice I can give is "Man your gunz!" in otherwords study and prepare to the point where you can take quizez and chapter exams and have the answres virtually "jump of the pages at you!" This is known to test takers as a comfort zone not a complacency zone! Also since most of these test are adaptive (meaning your answer can not be retracted, then you must make a decison if you are spending alot of time on it. example if it is a multiple choice question then try to eliminate the answers that you fedel make not much sense and then take your best shot at the other(s). Todd Lammle put out some great books on CCNA, He is currently up to his forth addition, along with the current title and the Sybex CCNA Virtual Lab(E-Trainer) you can prepare yourself. Taking Network+ will offer you a simular challenge, you will need to learn the OSI, and DOD models as well, understand media and thier respective functions LAN/WAN are also included along with various other concepts related to basic networking. Again sybex has an awesome book on the subject. The one that I am currently reviewing is ISBN: 0-7821-4014-9 by David Groth. Hope this helps and offers some encouragement.

"Don't Give Up, havg in thier and really study!"

"Don't just be a paper champion!"


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Thanks but...

by Robotech In reply to MAN YOUR GUNZ!

As I said, it was the complex IOS stuff that killed me. I studied networking in college (ITT) and I've been in IT for 13 years, I just figured that I would do Network+ instead of CCNA because CCNA is 50% proprietory stuff (applicable to CISCO only).
I know my OSI layers back to front, I'm a network engineer, I do projects all the time with CISCO routers, but I have no network certification to show my abilities. I thought Network+ would be a better exam than CCNA to take.

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by ghstinshll In reply to Thanks but...

The Net+ would be a much easier task for you, but not as worthy of a certification, especially if you're working with Cisco equipment right now. If you're already working with it, the CCNA is what you need. Pick up the Sybex book mentioned by Todd Lammle, and a practice test from This will get you through it. Another avenue would be to talk to to see if they offer any courses through your local community colleges for night time CCNA courses. I took the CCNA and taught it at one of these facilities for a short while, and their model works very well for passing a certification. It's really great. Their website offers no links to colleges offering their courses, and I've already emailed my contacts there about it since I just looked at their site for you... Good Luck!

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by Robotech In reply to Net+

This was the type of response I was looking for. Which of these certifications is the more prestigious. Based on what you?re saying, apparently CISCO is, even though it is mostly proprietary stuff.

I want the cert that will get me the most recognition, and I don?t want to spend money on multiple certs. for the same discipline. I think I?ll do the CCNA, because after that I can move up to CCNP, then I?ll start getting recognition and bigger jobs (which means more responsibility and less time away from my family, hmm??)

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Go for it!

by cwdunn In reply to Network+ Exam

If you have studied for the CCNA, then you should be able to pass the Network+ exam. I went through the CCNA course and passed the exam, but in hindsight I wished I had also taken the Network+ exam afterwards. I am currently reviewing this exam now.

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