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NETWORK + newbie user = nothing good

By ivkings ·
anyone out there that could give up there time to help a newbie set up his network?
Usuall wizard steps has not helped my network progression.

Nights on end i refer to NETWORK "help" and im forever getting lost within the tree. "send me here, go there, do that and im just overloading my brain and its taking over my gaming skill - leat alone my life (LOL).

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I can help you, but reply to this...

by Jabbar In reply to NETWORK + newbie user = n ...

First, do you have an error message? Is your LAN card well connected?, or well installed? What is your OS? Is your cable cut?, or folded? Have you a hub? Have you alloted IP adress on your PC? Have you the same workgroup than the other PC?...

I can help you, but you must reply to these questions first.


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Where are you now and going to be?

by JIM-H In reply to NETWORK + newbie user = n ...

Since you started by saying "help a newbie set up his network" I am guessing this is a personal network and not a larger corporate environment. If I am wrong then you probably have your work cut out for you.

Do you have some objectives and current status laid out to post?

These are some of the first things to send to the forum for suggestions from passers-by:
-Is there a current network in place? Is so then give details.
-How many total hosts do we need to support?
-What media are we talking? LAN and WAN of course.
-Speaking of WAN, is there one that you will/are connected to? What is it?
-Public or Private IP addresses? Is NAT/PAT a factor here?

I?m sure you will get lots of help on the forum when you supply some detail to your goals?

Hope it helps,

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