Network printer

By gunasekaran_k007 ·
Hi Guru's,

I have one issue on network printer, my LaserJet printer is installed in windows 2003 server and it was shared.

I'm tried to access that printer from other PC but in the same network only.

First time its works when I add that printer, by this steps :
(Add Printer -> A Network Printer, or printer attached to another computer -> Connect to this printer : \\system name\printer name -> Finished)

After restarting the system, I'm unable to access the printer, once again I have re-configure the printer. Then only I'm able to access the printer. This happens every restarting the system.

Could anyone give some solution for this issue.



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This sounds like a problem with

by Jesus_C In reply to Network printer

the spool on the computer.Monitor it

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Try mapping to printer from command prompt

by DMambo In reply to Network printer

Start > Run > Cmd to open command prompt

type "net use lpt1: \\servername\printer_share /persistent:yes" (without the quotes.)

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Printer driver problem

by vishnusankar In reply to Network printer

Hello Mr.Gunasekaran,

I installed HP officejet 5610 printer to my windows 2003 server but my hp driver cd have no driver file for windows 2003 server. I want to my share printer to my network. can u give any idea?

by vishnusankar

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Start a new Question

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Printer driver problem

Create a new post with your new question.

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Network Printer has to be Re-added after Boot

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Network printer


I see that your issue is from a long time ago. But if you are still looking for a solution...

If your printer is connected directly to the network via a network cable, obtain the IP address for the printer or assign one to it.
Then install the printer using the Wizard but rather than browsing to the printer on the network, designate it with the IP address.
This should resolve your issue of having to re-configure whenever you restart.

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Network Printer disconnected after reboot

by scottllasater In reply to Network Printer has to be ...

I load it with an IP address... Here the corker, we have 1500 agents and the vast majority have to reload their network printers everytime they go to the office.

we have tried everything from loading it as a defalt to keeping the password to not but without fail we have to reload them.

we have gone through the few that retain them and connot find sny discrepancies with them.

Please assist. The hairline needs of the many outway the needs of the few or the one!

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