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By cyberghost_1 ·
I can?t seem to get my network printer to print...CANON IR600-60

I have the config page that I printed out, listing the IP, Ethernet Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, workgroup/domain, and WINS IP.
Now, Auto IP is NOT enabled, these settings can?t be changed..
What I need is a STEP BY STEP WALKTHROUGH of how to get the machine to print. I have the proper Software installed for the printer that I DLed from CANON...
I am using WinXP PRO, 512MB RAM, Celeron 2.40GHz
Network connection is as follows:
Modem-->NetGear 4 Port Router(RP614v2)--> 3 8 port Switches
There are 10 PC on the network, the CANON IMAGE RUNNER 600-60 is connected to one of the switches.
What Protocols should I use in the connection...PLEASE STEP BY STEP....This would be greatly appreciated...I have been trying for 2 weeks......!!!!!!!!

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Network Printer...

i'll give you a step by step walkthrough of how to get your digital copier to print on the network if YOU will give me a step by step walkthru of what you have tried for the last 2 weeks. dear.

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by curlergirl In reply to Network Printer...

Please supply more information, or no one will be able to help you. We need: details of what is on that configuration page (IP addy, etc.), and details of your network IP setup - using DHCP or not? What is your network IP address range, subnet mask and default gateway for the workstations and server? Where is the printer driver software loaded - on the server or on a workstation?

These printers are usually set up to use DHCP to get an IP address, or they are set up with a static IP address in the 192.168.x.x range somewhere. If you are not familiar with configuring DHCP and/or static IP addressing, most likely your problem is that your printer and your workstations/server are on different subnets but we can't help you without lots more info.

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by CG IT In reply to Network Printer...

ah, I'm with Sgt Shultz need more info, first is, is this a domain or workgroup? Second, can you browse either the domain or workgroup and find the printer on the network using the add printer wizard? Third, whats the IP, subnet mask of the printer? 4th, whats the ip and subnet mask of the domain or workgroup.

If your printer has a NIC and you yourself, assigned its IP address and subnet mask, it needs to be on the same subnet as the 10 pcs. If its on a different subnet, users wont find it.

Protocols? TCP/IP. IF your printer doesn't have an IP address only a MAC address you'll have to run NetBIOS over TCP/IP for everyone to find the printer.

Next is sharing the resource. A printer, like a folder or printer attached to a computer is a resource and permission to use the resource has to be granted to users.

So this is why Sgt Shultz,Synergy and myself ask for more info

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by CG IT In reply to

the other little bit of information we need is:

Canon IR600-60 doesn't exist at least not on the canon support page. They gots the IR105+, 110,110M,8070, 85,85+ 9070 IR Pro 125VP, IR Pro 150VP, [those are B&W] IR C3200, IC C2500, IC C3500, [those are color printers] The P660C card printer [large format printers].

So, we need more info please.

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by OTL In reply to Network Printer...

Since you seem to have forgotten that you posed this question ! You have the IP for the printer, you have the disk, load the IP on a selected PC as a printer and insert the disk so that you will have the drivers available to load and NAME it whatever you want ! Load the drivers from the CD if not available on the PC and print a test page!

All the above information is in the INSTRUCTION MANUAL !

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by razz2 In reply to Network Printer...

The printer is an IR600 60ppm copier. The brochure does not
mention jet direct or ip printer interfaces, but if you say it is
plugged into a switch then great.. What does the "config page"
say and where did you get it? Other than that, download the
ir600 setup file. It is not just a driver but an install utility to
assist with the install on the workstation. For manual install just
add an ip printer pointing to the printers ip. This assumes that
you LAN is setup properly from an ip point of view.

Good Luck,


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by zlitocook In reply to Network Printer...

Start simple, can you install the printer on one computer with a USB connection or direct cable? Just to see if the printer will work with a computer. We received a printer that was defective, the board was shot and would not connect with any thing. Next can you ping the printer IP? The next thing is what every one else is saying, it has to be in your network. Have an IP address in your network, all good printers will let you change the settings. Like IP address, sorry but you need to read the documation and find out how to set it to a static IP address. Printers, and other devices need a static address for people to use them.

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by exNN In reply to Network Printer...

Is there any link-status leds on the card of the printer? what about the swithc side? Is the printer able to link to the switch? Are you able to ping the printer from any client?

If you are not able to link the printer with the switch it will not work at all. Are you connecting it to an uplink (switch-switch) port? Try using crossover cable.

Good luck

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don't know if you ever fixed this

by gfarrar In reply to Network Printer...

i have an ir 550, the setup is a little confusing on these things. you have to go to the PRINTER button, then reboot the print server, the option should be on the lcd somewhere - i'm not in front of mine (sorry). then watch the LCD, after the reboot it should ask you if you want to go into setup - thats where you can set up all of the IP config like the address, subnet mask , gateway etc.. without that you'll never be able to use it as a printer , but since i was trolling for another issue i saw this thread and wanted to contribute - i'm sure you've fixed it by now but maybe it will help the next guy.

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