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Network Printer going offline

By wjchoi ·
Our company's network is all Windows 2000/2003 based, and there are a few servers that is working as a printer server, hosting HP4100/4300. All network printer has static IP assigned, and their address is secluded from other clients from using them.

We are now facing two problem. Rarely, printer spooler service needs to be restarted (Even though, it shows that it is running) - network printers all shows up as "unable to connect" at client's PC, and it happens about once in a week or two. EventID doesn't give any warning, and it just says that spoolsv has been restarted. I don't know how and why it is happening.

Another problem is one of the HP4300 printer becomes offline (once or twice a week) and we have to turn it off and on physically to get it online.

Can someone please give me an advice?

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by alex@2007 In reply to Network Printer going off ...

WIth regards to spool service i had a simular problem, its slow and painfull way of finding out witch .dll or other program is stopping it or hanging it, i found out by de-installing each of the programs at the time, and monitoring service. i found out it was a client that i had installed that coused the issue.
with regards your printer going off-line live a look through web-interface if you can change settings for preventing to go off-line.
hope that helps

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Bad Bad Printers

by educated_1_2 In reply to Network Printer going off ...

I had a love hate relationship with printers for a few years. We have approx 1000 network printers working off of 4 print servers. Sometimes, we had to restart the print spooler. With the print spooler, is it all of the printers can't be printed to or just the one from any of the stations?

Regarding the hp going offline, I would check the LAN if it is at a remote site. We had some printers that we had to restart the NIC everytime the routers took a hit. Ping the ip when it is offline. If you can't ping it, defenitly a network/NIC issue, which opens a whole other ball of crap.

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Could be SNMP

by brad In reply to Network Printer going off ...

I had an issue with snmp enabled on the printer, disabled it on the Windows 2003 printer, and it works.

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SNMP Does not resolve

by ttejas In reply to Could be SNMP

When I turn OFF SNMP on the printer, it errors on printing.
When I turn on, the printer goes offline.
Cannot ping the printers IP.
Already restarted the printer & server.
Any other leads?

PS- this is n/w printer on Win2K3.

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Networki Printer Offline Error

by ashily24dee In reply to Network Printer going off ...


For turning on the offline mode, firstly you have to firstly click Start.

You have to take the Control panel. In that, you would select the option named ???Printers and Faxes??? icon.

When you click that it would open a window. That window would show the list of printers which are being connected to the system.

Then, double-click the printer in which you have to change the mode. A pop-up window would then appear.

You would go to the printer in the menu bar of that pop-up window. Lastly uncheck the ???use Printer Offline???.

After performing that the printer would go into the online mode.

get more information........

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Thank you

by CRB0408 In reply to Networki Printer Offline ...

This was so helpful.... I appreciate it.

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