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Network Printer issue

By ceantuco ·
Hello every one!
I have a print server (HP JetDirect500x), There are 2 printers connected it to it. Now there are 3 people in the office using these resources but when a specific user turns off her computer the rest of the users won't be able to print to it, but if one of the other users turn off their computer it won't affect it.
When they can't print I get the following error message ( the printer spooler is not running) and as soon as this specific user turns on her computer I will be able to print to any of those printers.
Please Help me!
I've never seen this before.
thank you

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by BFilmFan In reply to Network Printer issue

Is this a peer-to-peer network? In a peer-to-peer network, the printer share exists on one of the systems and not a file server share. When the PC is turned off, the share is turned off.

Your solution is to either never turn the PC off or install a domain controller and implement a domain.

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by BFilmFan In reply to

Based upon your email to me, what OS is on the server?

Is the printer queue on the server attached to the print server?

Can you see a document move from the queue into an actively being printed status?

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by Skidoggeruk In reply to Network Printer issue

Sounds like that PC is the print server. Agree with BFilm, if you are running workgroup, you may want to consider setting up a domain.

Alternatively, you could point each client to the printer direct through the Jetdirect port. If they are running XP, you could simply create a new IP port, inputting JD IP address, assuming you are running IP. If they are running W9x, you can install HP ports, this should be available through the CD supplied with the JD, or over the web. If you are running a multi-port JD, remember which port feeds which printer when doing these installs, you should be prompted when inserting new printer port.

Yet another alternative, if you don't like the cost of a MS Domain, is to create a new workstation within the workgroup, that does the print sharing. Simply tuck this low-end PC in a cupboard or under a desk or something and ALWAYS leave this machine on.

Just a few thoughts. Good Luck

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Network Printer issue

It sounds like two of the users are pointing to the other one's printer share, rather than to the print server. Look at the port settings on the single computer (the one that takes down the printer when you shut it down), and change the port settings on the other two to the same port.

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by Benjamin.Arnold In reply to Network Printer issue

Instead of making a domain you can add the printer locally to each PC using a ip port set to the printer... that way no matter what every PC can print. You don't need a domain or a dedicated print server.

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by rphiske In reply to Network Printer issue

Looking at your Question,I guess there is no TCP/IP printing solution used and one system used as Printer server.Since the printer spooler service runs on Windows OS (XP/2K etc.) and since the printer server is not responding due to disconnected state,you are getting this error.If your N/w is on switch,try making the printer in TCP/IP Printing rather than connection via Print,give IP to printer.and then you will not face any problem in future.

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