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Hey guys, I made an account here to ask you intelligent people a broad question. I realize that I'm not giving much background info just because I'd rather not get that deep into it unless I know that you fine people will be able to help or have heard of the issue before.

Basically we have 3 network printers in our organization. They are the canon ir2525s and ir2535s. Everything in our network seems to run flawlessly. 100mps up/down pretty much at all times. All operating systems are windows 7. But every few times per day (maybe about 6 times each printer), our network printer (any random one) will decide to stop printing. When this happens, you can’t even ping the printer anymore. I know it’s not a reachability option because they work fine for awhile before they decide to go belly up. Once they go belly up, you need to physically unplug the printer’s power cable and plug it back in to be able to have network functionality again. I tried:

-replacing the network cable from the printer to the wall port and from the port in the server room to a different switch and/or switchport.

-putting the printer on its own vlan (to eliminate the possibility of it being too many broadcast packets messing with the printer).

I’ve never really seen this issue before and it’s a pain because the company who rents us the printers are trying to tell us it’s our network that’s the issue. In my mind, I see it as an issue with their network adapters potentially getting too hot and turned off? I’ll give more information about the network as you fine people demand it so please don’t judge on the lack of info so far. Just seeing if you’s have experienced this before .


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