Network printer issues with XP Pro

By drummerguy77 ·
I have a small network of 4 computers. PC 1 and 2 can see and access shares on PC 1 and 2, as well as print to pc 1 and 2. PC 1 and 2 can see pc3 and pc4 in network places, but cannot access either one. PC 3 cannot access or print to pc4 but has complete access to pc 1 and 2 for file access and prints.PC 4 can not access or print to stations 3 but has complete access to stations 1 and 2. When I try to browse for a printer on pc3 i am able to see it, but when i try to connect to it, i am prompted for a username and password, which there is not password on any of the systems.

A breakdown of the network: peer to peer manually assigned ip addresses, no router, no server, just a hub. they all have windows firewall, and no antivirus because none of them access the internet.

All 4 machines are configured the same, as far as i can tell. I mainly need to set up the printer on pc3 to be shared with the rest of the network.

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by Bill Elmore In reply to Network printer issues wi ...

This sounds like a permissions issue to me.

Do you have the share permissions on PCs 3 & 4 set to allow Read access for the Everyone group?

Also, make sure the Everyone group has Read & Execute, List, and Read rights on the Security tab.

One other thing to check - can you ping PCs 3 & 4 by their hostname from the other PCs? Are they using static IP addresses or dynamic? Try manually adding their name and IP addresses to the host file...

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by drummerguy77 In reply to Permissions

I did check permissions, and the systems were had simple file sharing turned on, and I tried changing pc3 to have it turned off, then went to the security tab and made sure that the everyone group had full access to the printer. That still did not work.

All of the PCs have manually assigned IP addresses that are static.

I have not tried to ping them yet, did not think to try that. I did check the windows firewall and nothing seems outta whack there.

Thanks for the suggestions!!

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by amalsp In reply to Network printer issues wi ...


Were you able to solve this issue? Any feedback would be appreciated as I am having the same problem. PC1 can access PC2 but not vice versa.


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