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Network Printer Naming Conventions

By abunn ·

Have any of you given any thought to printer naming conventions for network printers?

The companies I have worked for in the past have all had different formats, but none of them have exactly been brilliant.

If you have large offices with lots of departments, you can use names like 'Finance_HP5-A' or B or C if there are multiples.

The company I have recently joined has many small sites, some with one 2 or 3 printers, but there isn't any naming convention at all, which makes showing all the printers in AD a bit of a mess.

Would like to suggest a new format, but just wondered if any of you have good names for your network printers.

Many thanks for any of your comments.

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Printer Naming Convention

by Craig_B In reply to Network Printer Naming Co ...

In the last large company with sites around the world we used the following convention: (3 letter site id)-(Model)-Number. The site ids were an already established standard. The number was to keep printers unique as we had a lot of the same model printers. Example: ABC-LJ4500-3 Of course this could be modified to add a department(using FINance in the example) such as ABC-FIN-LJ4500-3.

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Make them obvious

by NickNielsen In reply to Network Printer Naming Co ...

Just use the convention "SiteID-Office-PrinterModel-Printer#"

So if site 46 in Bicester has three offices with one printer each, name them like this:

46-Administration-HP5000-1, or
46-Bic-Shipping-HP4305-1, or

You will probably need to abbreviate some to keep the names within length constraints, but try as much as possible to make them obvious.

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I'm thinking

by santeewelding In reply to Network Printer Naming Co ...

You could undertake a study of Carolus Linnaeus. Settle it for all time, or until printers are extinct, superseded by something else.

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