Network printer not connecting to network

By ludo99 ·
I do not know much about networks, but according to everthing I do know if a network printer is connected to a network it should appear as a server in the workgroup and the config page should be accessable via a web browser.... So if anyone can shed a scrap of light on this issue it would be most appreciated:

I have a two fuji xerox docuprint c3210's, both connected to a router via ethernet. They are both setup exactly the same with a static i.p. address. There are about 20 other computers and a server running business 2003. One printer works great, is seen on the workgroup, is accessable via bonjour and the ping is less than a millisecond. The other one, however, doesn't appear on the network and I get no response when I ping it. Switching off the one that works properly doesn't do anything so there's no conflic there. If I plug the ethernet cable straight from the printer to a computer I can ping it, access the config page via http and everything appears to be fine. All the settings are exactly the same on both.

Any ideas?

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I'm not sure that I'm reading you right here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Network printer not conne ...

Are you saying that both printers have the same address?

If that is the case the second one Can Not work with both plugged into the LAN.

Directly connect the nonfunctional printer and set a different Address then save the settings when you exit the setup page.


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No ping means IP's not same

by Charles Bundy In reply to I'm not sure that I'm rea ...

Otherwise you would surely get a ping from whichever device won the IP war right?

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Not necessarily.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to No ping means IP's not sa ...

If both have the same IP, you get a collision which can render both inaccessible.

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Maybe, maybe not...

by Charles Bundy In reply to Not necessarily.......

Mostly I agree with that, hence my second post cause at this point [Oh Smeg]'s call is the best. (course I'm suspicious of a crossover cable/setting problem based on the direct to PC test)

However the original post stated that one printer worked, whilst one didn't. Implies switching which should be mitigating collisions, meaning one port traffic wins (some of the time anyway :)) Thus ping should work same as a print job data packet stream, yes?

As Flipper the frog from "Hoodwinked" said, "Ask three different people and you get three different stories."

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Depends on the equipment involved.......

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Maybe, maybe not...

I've seen switches/routers shut ports completely down after a collision, then neither worked until the device was powered down/up.

So, the title of your original post, 'no ping means IP not same', could actually be incorrect, depending on the equipment involved. Just because it doesn't ping does not mean the IP's have not been set to the same thing.

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by Charles Bundy In reply to Depends on the equipment ...

And you like repeating me :)

I'll put it another way -

If both printers are on, you can print to one but not the other, you try to ping both printers, assuming the IP was the same wouldn't you get an ACK from the printer you can print to?

The story is a little confusing because he/she said "settings are the same" but also sounded like he/she could ping one and not the other, just like he/she could print to one but not the other.

How does that happen assuming same IP?

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I had the same problem

by rprzybylow In reply to Yes?

Some times the router drops the IP's Lease. You need to go to the printer in question manually find that printers IP.

setup new printer assign it to the ip address from printers display. name it and print to it. Little bit more to it than what I am typing but it may help. Let me know? Good Luck

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Some things to check

by Charles Bundy In reply to Network printer not conne ...

Double check IP's and subnet setting. IP should not be same as [Oh Smeg] pointed out.

Are you using the same patch cable for direct PC-Printer connect as printer-router? If not replace cable.

Double check port is working on router. May be turned off or may be a WAN port OR may be set to crossover if not auto MDI-X.

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Thanks for the responses!

by ludo99 In reply to Some things to check

The IP's are different, in fact I tried a few different IP's to make sure there wasn't a conflict from a device I didn't know about.

As I didn't set-up the network I just assumed the router settings would be the same, but on Monday I'll do some tests directly to the router port.

Thanks for the suggestion, cheers.

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I certainly think

by tintoman In reply to Network printer not conne ...

You should check the reserved IP list on your router in case the static IP you are trying to use on your printer is already reserved for another computer or device
Also make sure that your identical printers are not both braodcasting the same name on the network!!

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