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Network printer not working

By ph0enix ·
Ok please just don't send me something like did you check that it is plugged in okay

We received around60 new printers to integrate into the domain including a group of HP laserjet 8150's
Everything has went really smooth till we hit this one machine this morning... I can ping it, the IP and subnet are correct, it is registered with the DNS server, it is in the que with proper IP,I can connect to it, I can open a browser and go to webmin, however when I send a test page to it it says printing and will stay in there all day printing a single test page. Nope it doesn't print. Nope it is not bring up an error. I have checked the port on the printer and it is open to receive jobs. I'm stumped.

Anyone have an off the wall idea or anything at all to try??

Thanks in advance :)

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by BFilmFan In reply to Network printer not worki ...

Defective jet card would be my guess if everything else is operating normally.

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by sal37 In reply to Network printer not worki ...

hello, by any chance is there another printer configured at the server with the same ip address. that has happened to me when you have more than one person configuring printers

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by lmayeda In reply to Network printer not worki ...

You can test the duplicate IP address suggestion by disconnecting the printer and see if the PING still responds. Otherwise, I would try to connect the printer locally to the LPT1 to see if it "works". If it works locally, then try sharing it. If that works ... , then that pretty much leave the jet direct card as the culprit. Good luck.

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by PeteH In reply to Network printer not worki ...

First check the ping trick mentioned previously.. one thing to bear in mind post SP2 is that a machine could have a duplicate IP but ignore pings.. make sure to clear the arp cache (arp -c) before pinging.. then check the arp cache AFTER the failed ping. A firewalled machine WILL respond to arp so it's IP will appear in the cache even if it doesn't ping.

If there isn't a duplicate IP then stick the jet-direct back on the network and make sure it pings - then telnet to port **00 (telnet xx.xx.xx.xx **00) type a phrase then press cntrl-L .. if the printer is alive it'll print the phrase. If you can't telnet to port **00 the jetdirect is suspect. I have rescued dodgy jet-direct cards with the HP Download Manager by forcing new software on them.

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by mendenhallre In reply to Network printer not worki ...

have you checked to see if the printer shows as online. from the machine you sent the print test from.

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by DeN inc. In reply to Network printer not worki ...

try updating your firmware

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by bytesolutions In reply to Network printer not worki ...

To eliminate any network problems, I would take the network printer and connect it directly to the ethernet card of a computer and then try to get it to print.

If it fails, then it could be the printer's NIC, if it has a USB or parallel conection try that (to make sure that the printer is working to start with).

If it works, then it can be some cable problem or router/switch problem that is causing the issue.

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by Eride In reply to Network printer not worki ...

try to telnet.
try to remove network cable restart then reinsert network cable.
might be bad jet card.
try resetting it if anything.

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another unmentioned item

by quoter In reply to Network printer not worki ...

I know this is way late for a response but it might help someone else who sees this...

double check to see if printer sharing is on...
I could ping the network printer.
It showed up on list when i checked for network devices.
However it would not print..then i turned on printer sharing and it solved my problem

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