Network Printer problem

By soundguy_99 ·
Hey guys,
Wondering if some one can help me out,
I have a HP J6480 Network printer.
Now it was working fine, until recently when I tried to print something.
Now I have the printer networked through a wireless router so my PC and my laptop and print off of it.
I checked both the network settings on the printer as well as my TCPIP settings on both computers. I have even reinstalled the printer drivers on my desktop,as well as checking the ink levels.
Whats strange is that I can access my printer and its setting through its IP address and even print test pages from the printer itself or through the Printers settings Page.
I can even ping the printer, yet I can`t print to it.
I even tried pluging in my laptop directly though the printer through the Ethernet port, and still nothing, which makes me think its not the router.
The only way it seems to work is when I use the USB jack.
I am puzzled why the connection is not there,
Any help is greatly appreciated,

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Re I even tried pluging in my laptop directly though the printer through

by OH Smeg In reply to Network Printer problem

And did you use a Crossover Cable instead of a Normal CAT Cable? If not then the Printer couldn't work as the connections are wrong.

Here try unplugging the Router/WiFi Access Point or whatever you are using for about 30 seconds and see if it works after you reconnect the power.


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Crossover Cable

by soundguy_99 In reply to Re [i]I even tried plugin ...

The cable I did use was a crossover Cable,
Even though I have never done that before I made sure the option for the crossover cable was selected within the printer settings.
I could try a regular Cat 5 Cable but I don`t know if thats going to do much better since both computers can`t print to it.
Also I did try having the printer automatically get the network settings including IP address and DNS server and default gateway. After plugging directly into the laptop and checking the network settings on the printer, the network settings definitely changed, so the printer is getting its IP address from the laptop for that test, the Default gateway had no address as expected, since their default gateway if its directly plunged into the laptop.
Again any further help is greatly apreciated,

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RE: I could try a regular Cat 5 Cable

by OH Smeg In reply to Crossover Cable

Don't bother as it's a pointless exercises using a Straight CAT5 Cable to connect a NB to a Network Printer it will not work that way you need a Crossover Cable for it to work.

Have you unplugged the Router yet? They can suffer from Power Spikes messing them up and they need to be reset by powering down and allowing to turn off them powering back up.

Also what is issuing the DNS on this LAN?

That may be a pointer tot he problems here and is there anything sharing the same IP/DNS Addresses as the Printer?

Also have you tried deleting the Print Que in the Printer? It's very possible that something out of range is getting stuck there and preventing any new jobs from printing.


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by NexS In reply to Network Printer problem

One thing you can try is delete the print queue from your printers list completely. then make sure there's no printers to choose from in Word before you re-add the queue.
I'm not sure if it will work but it's worth a try

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Manually configure the IP on the printer

by 1bn0 In reply to Network Printer problem

The computers can't print to the printer if its ip address keeps changing.

Don't forget the enter the gateway address. Same address as your router.

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Changing IP adress

by soundguy_99 In reply to Manually configure the IP ...

I realize that, I did have that fixed at one point when it was working, I only changed to automatic when it stopped working to verify the setting I am entering are the same as the ones automaticly obtained.
The IP address will only change if I was to unplug the router in which case the router would issue bran new IP addresses to all local devices on the network, including my desktop the laptop and the printer in which case the address might get shuffled around. So for instance where .1 may have been my desktop before might be my printer now.
In either case that hasen`t happened.
Which again makes me wonder why its not working.
I will tr and remove all the printers from the printer window and try and setup a new tcpip connection.
I appreciate any other ideas you guys may have,

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