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Network printer will not install on XP

By SonicClang ·
I have a user with Windows XP Professional installed on her computer. She suddenly lost the ability to print to a printer she had been using for months. I can't even reinstall the printer. I get the error message "Windows cannot connect to the printer. The driver that you are trying to install is no compatible with Windows XP." I also just tried it on another XP machine and it would not install on that one either. The strange thing is that I HAVE installed this printer before on an XP computer and suddenly it is not working.

Our server is running Windows 2000 Server.
The printer is an HP 2500CM with the latest drivers.
Most computers on our network are Win2K Pro.

Some background info: A couple weeks ago our accounting guy tried doing a database backup during the day instead of the middle of the night like normal and our network came to a complete hault. I had to reboot the server and no one was happy.
Also, some storms rolled through today and it appeared as though lightning DID take out the switch the printer is connected to. I'm not sure to what extent things were damaged by that. Either way, the switch was dead when I went up to check it out.

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by dts-dave In reply to Network printer will not ...

Reboot the PC, restart the printer then... First obvious question, you've fixed the connectivity and can ping the printer and are sure you have a unique IP? Second, how are you trying to connect to it? Does that HP support SMB or workgroup printing ie; can you browse to it on your network by selecting Network Printer in the wizard? If you are selecting Local Printer; Are you using Local Port (\\host\printer) Standard IP Printing to port **00 or RAW or LPR? You could try installing the LPR/LPD function which will give you a simple LPR Port option (Add Remove Programs / Add Remove Windows Components / Other Network File and Print Services / Print Services for UNIX)

I don't understand the error because "cannot connect" and "driver not compatible" are two different pieces.

Clean out any previous installs if any by deleting the driver from the control panel and also pull down the File menu in the printers control panel and select Server Properties. Select the "Driver" tab and delete the driver from the list. If the driver is there note the Version column, does it say XP? If it does not allow you to delete it you may have data in the spooler (test page maybe) or the install routine still has it's hooks in it. Either reboot or stop and restart the Print Spooler service.

Double check your driver and start over.

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by SonicClang In reply to

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by SonicClang In reply to Network printer will not ...

Connectivity is there, the printer is installed on about 45 other computers. I can ping the printer just fine.

I got the printer installed, it's a little round about but it works for now until HP gets new drivers for it. What I did is I installed it as a local printer on a TCP/IP port. XP has built-in generic drivers that work with the printer. So at least now the user can use the printer, she just doesn't get all the fancy features the rest of the users on the network get. Once HP releases a new driver set the will include XP. I don't see how they haven't yet.

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