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    Network Printer(s)


    by hhkaddoura ·

    Had this problem since almost a month, when configuring a network printer it appears on the server as ready and had the assigned IP addresse (manual), the trick is when sending the job it got queed and stacked in the spooler and then after a considerable amount of time it popups with a Faild to print msg!

    Printer is Dell 1815 PS, Server 2003
    all drivers (default and CD provided) didn’t work out!

    SOS ASAP please

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      by hhkaddoura ·

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      by mpace ·

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      Is a vista workstation connecting to the printer that is installed on the server? You might want to update the printer drivers from Dell’s site. I have seen a few printers that print fine sometimes with this scenario and not at other times.

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      You need to…

      by tintoman ·

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      Check the name of the print queue in the port settings for this printer, also that you are printing in raw format.
      However you didn’t say if your server is Dell but Dell printers notoriously do not function properly on non Dell computers

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      This might help you with your printer.

      by Anonymous ·

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      Printer Default changing when log in to Terminal Server

      1.Open the Terminal Service Configuration snap-in.
      2 Right click the RDP-Tcp connection, and click Properties.
      3 In the Client Settings tab, ensure that you check the “Use
      connection settings from user settings” and “Default to main client printer”
      4 Log off the client and then reconnect to the terminal server
      to test again
      2.. Check the following group policies on all levels of
      containers, such as domain, the terminal server OU and the local
      policy on the terminal server. Please ensure that the following group
      policies are not enabled.

      [Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components
      \Terminal Services\Client/Server data redirection\Do not set default
      client printer to be the default printer in a session] ”

      Check LOCKED DOWN policy of the Terminal
      Servers. It might be enabled. Set the policy to NOT DEFINED.
      Ran “gpupdate /force” on both terminal servers and the Domain
      Controller. Check the RDP-Tcp connection. “Default to main client
      printer” is this now checked?.

      Test the Default printer from a remote client. Their default
      printer might be defaulting to their own LOCAL default printer for
      starters. Changing the default printer to something else, it should now
      stick after logging out and logging back in.
      3.Thanks to Inn Jinn In.

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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        by hhkaddoura ·

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        Thank you Peconet Tietokoneet for the helpful tip actually I had a problem printing out to Network Dell printers not setting up the printer!

        and yes we are using Dell servers and laptops with XP pro for clients and win 2003 server Enter. Edition.

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