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I'm having a problem where as students are printing hundreds of pages of nonsense to our network printers throughout the building. They have a choice of about 10 printers which they hit randomly and all of the printers are on a print server. Is there a way to identify the account or track the machine that are being used? Its costing us a lot of $$$ in toner and paper.


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Restrict what printers each section can use

by Dumphrey In reply to Network Printers/ Print j ...

by the simplest means of uninstalling the ones you do not want them to use. When I was in school, each printer received a allotment of paper for the semester, when it was gone, it was gone... no matter how much people whined, they were referred to a flash drive and a printer at their house.

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Look in the system log on the server

by TonytheTiger In reply to Network Printers/ Print j ...
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This link might be useful to you...

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by marcus.hawk In reply to Network Printers/ Print j ...

the most effective and efficient way to solve your problem is to restrict access on your network printers, put up a password on each printer, If your printers are xerox then you would be able to do this.

if you want any information on xerox printers or networking solutions for your
printers let me know i know some people to help you out.

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