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By lvaughn46 ·
I have 6 computers that I have running in my business and I have four printers that run different reports on my software. One of the printers I replaced with another but I can't get this computer to print my reports on my group computer. I can get on my server and workstation and run a test on the computers and they will print, but when I try to print something from my work software it goes int error messages and I have to right click on the computer at the bottom and clear it out. What am I doing wrong.

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Your post is not clear.

by 1bn0 In reply to Network printers

You also don't state what "work software" you are using. Does the "work software" print directly to the printer, maybe by IP address?

Is the "work software" a network/server based application that is accessed from the workstations?

Did you assign the same IP address to the new printer as the printer it replaced?

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Sounds like your software.

by technogeek-1995 In reply to Network printers

I think it is your software. Try also updating the printer's driver on all the PC's (reinstall).
Give some more information and we shouold be able to help!!!

Good Luck :)


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