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    Network printing


    by techsupport1 ·

    I have a 4200dtn lasjer jet printer, users complain that the only way to print is by rebooting the printer. At first I thought it was a workstation issue, but it also effects the other user who uses this printer. I have reinstalled the drivers, but that does not help. The Jet Direct Card can hold it’s IP settings, but sometimes you can ping it and sometimes you can not. This is on a Novell network. It has a static IP address. I put in a new Jet Direct card and it same issue. Checked network cables and they are good. Tested the connecton from the data jack to the wiring closet and it is good. I also updated the firmware on the jet direct card and that does not help. If anyone can give any suggestions it would be greatley appericated. Thanks

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      by jaqui ·

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      try turning power savings mode off on the printer?
      if the printer drops into a power savings mode it may be taking to long to wake up.
      or not waking up on lan input.

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      by kevin.square ·

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      have seen same when printers jetdirect is not seeing keepalive packets on the network interface.

      Want to test. use any machine, a simple cmd file and scheduler to ping the printer every 5 minutes for a day or 2 and see if it still drops off the network.

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      What was the solution

      by techsupport1 ·

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      In this situation it turned out the printer had a bad hard drive. We had hard drives attached to the printer that had forms stored in them. When we replaced the hard drive, the issue went away.

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