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Network Printing in Terminal Services

By quangtranil ·
I certainly need your help as far as network printing in Terminal Services are concerned. I can configure the terminal services client to print to the local printer, but as far as network printers are concerned, how do I configure to print to a particular network printer if you are logging on this PC, and to print to another particular network printer if you are logging on another PC.

I would appreciate all of your help.

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XP or Citrix

by Gull In reply to Network Printing in Termi ...

I'm assuming you're talking about Windows 2000 Terminal Server??

First off, make sure the print drivers for the printer are installed on the Terminal Server or it won't pass through at all. And make sure that you've set up the TS Configuration toallow printers to pass through.

Windows 95/98/2000 machines using the Windows 2000 Terminal Client will pass through local printers (either physically attached or mapped to LPT1), but do not seem to pass through network printers.

XP Clients using the native Remote Desktop Client DO pass through both local and network printers and keep the user's local default printer intact.

The Citrix Terminal Server Client also passes through both local and network printers.

I doubt you want to upgrade your clients or your server to solve this small problem.

When we still had Windows 2000 Terminal Servers, we used mandatory profiles (creating one for each site) on our Terminal Servers, and we installed all the network printers in each profile that corresponded to the site.

And then we set each user up with the correct Profile path...

Now, that meant the users had to pick their printers from the list (or make one the default at the beginning of each session), but that's the bestwe were able to do.

If you can get the funding for it, Citrix XP is a beautiful thing.

Hope this helps

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Setting up network printers

by Ian Wall In reply to Network Printing in Termi ...

How are you setting up your network printers?

Which OS? 2000? If 2000 or NT, when the setup wizard asks you which port the printer is on (ie. LPT1 etc) click "Add New Port" "Local Port" and type the path to the printer share.

eg. \\Accounts-1\Accounts-Laser

This will set up the printer on the client as if it were physically attached to LPT1. Then set that as your default printer. Terminal Server Client should treat the printer as if it were a local printer.

If this doesn't work, email me back as we run Terminal Server as well and would be interested to know of any problems for when we get to that stage.

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XP remote desktop client

by stan_k In reply to Network Printing in Termi ...

Use XP's remote desktop client, which maps network printers very well. As long as the drivers are installed on the server for the printers.

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