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Network Printing Problems

By mlorek ·
I am a technition in charge of 7 public schools in our district. I have set up all of my printers to print from my windows 2003 server. All of my workstations are given printers via the "
RUNDLL32 PRINTUI.DLL,PrintUIEntry /ga /c\\machine /n\\machine\printer /j"LanMan Print Services"
" command. This works great, except for the setting of the default printer. If I add two printers to a machine, sometime wiin2k seems to set the default based a alphabetical reference to the printer names other times it seems to make the last one added the default, and still other times it seems to make the first one added the default. I have tried the /y to set the default, but this only seems to work if applied localy to the machine, I need a way to say "these machines in this list will have this printer as their default." Any ideas??????

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Here is a vbscript

by faradhi In reply to Network Printing Problems

That will set the default printer. You can add it in the GPO as a login script.

[pre]Option Explicit
Dim objPrinter
Set objPrinter = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
objPrinter.SetDefaultPrinter "{printername}"

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Different users need different machines

by mlorek In reply to Here is a vbscript

Thankyou for your response, if I do this in GPO it will be to each user correct? I need to be able to apply to each machine. One teacher may need the west wing printer as a default and another will need the east wing printer as I need to be able to apply to machines and not users.

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Use Local Group Policy

by faradhi In reply to Different users need diff ...

Apply it to each machines local group policy. Then you can customize the script for each computer.

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