Network Printing - user print to a specific tray

By larrycharlesb ·
I have searched everywhere but I have not been able to find the answer.

I have a user who prints several large reports during the day. It's not all sent at the same time, there are several breaks during printing. I would like to be able to send the reports for this user to a network printer but I need to have it print on Tray 1, so it won't interfere with everyone else printouts.
Is it possible to set one user to a pecific tray and set the rest of the users to print to tray 2?

I really appreciate if anyone can help me.


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by Jacky Howe In reply to Network Printing - user ...

you read the printer manual? Does the user have permission to configure the printer to set it to print from the second tray?

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More importantly what is the Make & Model of the Printer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Have

What you are looking for may not be possible as it's not supported by whatever it is that you are using as a network printer.


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Could be possible...

by bhatnagar_nitin In reply to Network Printing - user ...

If you use certain kind of network printer management software on the machine where your print server is installed, kinda CentreWare DP management tool for Xerox Printers. Again, as all stated, it is specifically limited to the select printer model types and you need to find the right printer management tool for that particular model. Otherwise, it's not possible at all to seggregate the print jobs in different trays depending upon the different users name.

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Printer Model

by larrycharlesb In reply to Network Printing - user ...

The Printer I want to use is actually a Canon ImageRunner C6800. I am looking thru the manual now but I don't see any information on how to get that done. We have several printers in our office.
Does anyone know of a printer that can actually do this?

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Think Outside the Box

by smallbiz-techwiz In reply to Printer Model

Tray 1 and Tray 2 usually refers to paper INPUT. Even if you can choose which tray to print from, what good does that do? All output still piles up together in the same output tray doesn't it? If your device does have multiple output trays, it should also have the ability to let the user choose which one to use.

Otherwise, it sounds like the real problem is keeping other print jobs from slipping in between the pages of this report. If there are "pauses", it sounds like this report is composed of multiple print jobs spooling to a network print queue and you want to keep them all together. You can address this in several ways. You could A). Create a separate queue with a higher priority for these jobs to print to, then manually release the queue to start spooling to the printer so there will be no pausing between pages. Or, B). Have the report print to a PDF file, then print the entire PDF file as one print job.

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Still need help

by larrycharlesb In reply to Think Outside the Box

Sorry for the dumb question but how do you "create a seperate queue with a higher priority"

I tried option B but the problem I have is that the reports are coming from a 3rd party application called Everest, and for some reason when tehy send a report to PDF each page of the report is considered to be a seperate file. So it prompts for a file name for every sheet. That will not work.

Any other suggestions is greatly appreciated.

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Well firstly that is normal on the Image Runner Series

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Still need help

But what the main problem here is how the Photocopier is actually configured in the way of what it has bolted to the output end of the unit.

When you look at any Photocopier you need to think of it as 3 separate sections the main unit which has 2 paper trays and copies, then you have another unit with additional Paper Storage Trays to take paper from and maybe even a 6,000 sheet Bin Feeder so you can load up the unit with several reams of paper 12 to be exact and allow it to run for a very long time before needing replacement paper added. Then the finial thing that you need to look at is what is actually bolted to the Output End. In the case of the Image Runners this is called a Finisher and it depends on the type of finisher as to what you can actually do. If it's the standard one with 2 paper trays and the Booklet tray on the Bottom the output of the Computer connected to it will always go to the lower of the 2 flat sheet trays and the output of the Photocopier will go to the top tray or to the Booklet Tray if you have chosen to Staple and fold the sheets of paper.

In this case you are going to have to look at the supplied Finisher and then work out from there what you have and then what is actually possible. Generally speaking the Standard Finisher will only allow Computer output to the B Tray but this depends entirely on the finisher fitted.


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Not in the case of the Canon Image Runner Series of Photocopiers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Think Outside the Box

They are not actually printers buy fully fledged Business Colour Photocopiers so you can have several input trays on the beast and depending on what is bolted to the output end of the unit in the way of a Finisher you can have 2 trays and then a bottom tray that holds folded & stapled paper in a booklet form. Up top a guillotine included so that when you fold more that 25 Pages in half to get the booklet form the extra paper that sticks out as a result of the folding gets cuts off so you have a solid edge on the booklet.

The input shouldn't be an issue as you can refill the trays when they run out and you can even select to just take paper from one tray so you can have different paper in the others.

As for sending the output to a single tray by default when you connect these to a computer the printed output goes to the B Tray and any photocopied output goes to the A Tray so that output from the Computers and Photocopier are separated. On the 3100 Series you can only send booklets to the Finisher from the Photocopier and not from the Computer though I'm not sure what happens with the 6800 series of this unit. But to call something like this a Printer is doing a major disservice to the unit in question and is very misleading as well as these are not just a Printer.

As to dedicating a specific tray for one persons output I'm not sure it all depends on which Finisher is fitted to the Photocopier and that is where you are going to have to look at the instructions for using the Finisher as if it's possible the instructions will be listed there not in the body of the instructions for the Photocopier itself.


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Create another logical printer and hard set it to the proper tray

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Network Printing - user ...

and when this user needs to print those reports, have him/her select this printer instead of the one normally chosen. A physical printer can have multiple printers created for it with specific tray and DPI settings. This stuff is basic MS 70-270 exam question stuff and any MCSA/MCSE should be able to answer it. No wonder they pay me the big bucks....LMAO!

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That would work well if you where dealing with a printer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Create another logical pr ...

But when you are dealing with a Digital Photocopier there are different issues to consider. The main one here is what is bolted to the end of the unit in the way of a Finisher as the standard one has 3 output options only 1 of which is available from the computer and the other two are the possible defaults for the Photocopier. One being just plain flat paper out put will always go to the A Tray and then you can set up the finisher to staple and Fold in half so you get a booklet form out put which by default goes to the bottom collector as that's the only place that has the ability to store Folded Booklets.

The problem here is that the person asking the question has misrepresented the Network Printers by calling them printers when they are actually Digital Photocopiers which are something completely different to what was originally asked.


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