Network priority with DCHP

By glenn22 ·
I have a DHCP server set up with 2 separate scopes. the first one is for the 172.20.72 network, the other is for the 172.20.80 network.

I am using reservations on the 172.20.72 network in order to make computers with the matching MAC addresses grab the same IP and lock it out for other users. If I open up a pool of IPs on that network, (172.20.72) the computer always grabs the same IP address that's reserved for it, there are no problems there.

The problem comes in with opening a pool of IPs in the 172.20.80 network range. When I do this, the computers with reservations in the 172.20.72 network automatically want to grab the unreserved IPs in the 172.20.80 network. It seems as if the 172.20.80 network has some kind of priority over the other network. The machines seem to check it first before even looking at the 172.20.72 network. Since there is a pool of IPs available it grabs one.

Any ideas why this seems to be happening? is there a setting somewhere in the DHCP server that I can use to set the OTHER network as the priority?

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