Network Problem

By garry ·
I have conected my wireless router to my network (adress; i need to configure it as an access point (adress w-router;,
i configured the wireless router,but i get no response when i ping the other adress.

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Access point

by Churdoo In reply to Network Problem

If you just want the Wireless Router to be an access point on your same network, then you connect a LAN port of the wireless router to your network and turn off DHCP in the wireless router. You can give the wireless router LAN side a static IP address on your LAN for ease of management.

If you're trying to have some separation between your wireless clients and your LAN, then you connect the wireless router WAN port to your LAN and have the LAN side of the wireless router on a different subnet. Your wireless clients will be able to ping devices on your LAN, but your LAN clients will NOT be able to ping your wireless clients, due to NAT on the wireless router.

You can flip your wireless router to ROUTER mode instead of GATEWAY mode (to turn off NAT), but you'll have to add a static route to your LAN router so it knows to forward requests for your wireless network to your wireless router.

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