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Network Problem

By girigv ·

I have a network with 20-25 computer.It working under a Domain.Few days before i cant access our domain frm other machine .Few machine are able to connect with domain.Is any virus or its my network problem.



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Sounds Like

by robert_ireland In reply to Network Problem

Doesn't sound like virus, more a system problem, have you tried dns or ad users and computers?

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Switches, NICs, and patch cables.

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Network Problem

Have you checked the network connectivity for the machines that won't connect? Make sure that you are physically connected (Blinky lights on computer and switch).

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specify the exact problem

by murkunde In reply to Network Problem

plz specify the eact problem, do u get the error message saying that the "Access Denied" or is it saying "account failed to logon / Logon failuire"

plz specify the error message....

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by julian.bennett In reply to specify the exact problem

When the domain was created... what mode of licensing was chosen? Are you licensed per seat (user) where each PC should have its own CAL (client access license) or are you licensed per connection. This would happen if you are licensed per connection, once you hit the maximum number no further connections to the domain can be obtained. But as computers disconnect, then licenses are freed up! Check out the link below if this applies to your scenario. I'd always use per device licensing to avoid this issue, just make sure you purchase the required CAL's

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i have the same problem

by tbergmann In reply to specify the exact problem

initially i thought it was my computer, then i worked on it and found out it was not cables or hubs at all nor the network card etc... So now it must be the domain controller and thought today one person was denied access to domain and gets no response fron network. o bytes received and now another person gets zero connectivity. what is this?

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by Fred123456 In reply to Network Problem

Sure sounds like a licensing issue to me.

But we do need more info..

Define won't connect to network...

Do you get IP addresses?
Is the network itself visible in the Network Neighborhood window.
Were the PC's on the network joined to the Domain succesffuly?

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