Network Problem

By JCT21 ·
i set up a lan between two computers one has home edition of windows XP one has pro edition of windows XP the network is sending but not reciveing packets workgroup is the same but when i click show workgroup computers on both only that comp which i'll call 1 is showing same with computer 2 showing up byitself any ideas on how to fix this problem

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More information is needed

by noelrd In reply to Network Problem

How did you set up your network? Did you tell the computer that it was ok to share files? Are you using a crossover cable between the two? Did you manually set the computers up on the same subnet? Sometimes the computers may need to be restarted. Do you have more than one ethernet card in one of the computers? Are you using a router or router/switch? There are a lot of variables.

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by JCT21 In reply to More information is neede ...

yeah i told comp to share files and printers i'm using the built in LAN slots on motherbord with a cable computers have the same subnets no routers or switches each have a network card in them also both can acess internet via a dial up modem but due to where i live has one phone line only one can be online at a time also ip address are configured manually

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Since the setup uses dialup for Internet access

by w2ktechman In reply to Info

then all you really need to do is to get a crossover cable and plug the systems into each other.

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by JCT21 In reply to Since the setup uses dial ...

will i have to do anything else after the cables connected?

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With XP,

by w2ktechman In reply to Question

I do not believe so.

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A few checks

by w2ktechman In reply to Network Problem

1st, make sure both have file and print sharing enabled.
2nd, make sure there were no typos in the workgroup name
3rd, make sure that they both have IP addresses
4th, check cabling, router, cable/dsl modem, hub, access point, etc.

If you have them connected to each other without the above mentioned HW, then you need a crossover cable instead.

Do they both obtain Internet connections?
If so, can they 'ping' each other?
Are they receiving DHCP addresses, or are they static?
Are they on the same subnet?
please post more details about the setup of your network, then we can really start to help out much better.

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WIRELESSgo wireless its alot easy er

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Network Problem

go wireless its alot easier

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