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    Network Problem


    by rubsmong ·

    I have a local area network in ma office with 5machines, the machines are compaq P4 destops all of them running on winXP sp2. I have setup a LAN n installed the printer on the machine that am using n i wanted 2share it the rest of the LAN. I can comfortably access all the machines from ma comp but two of the other machines cant access me, when i try i get the message “\\comp1 is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this network to see if you have permission”.
    I dont have a server, i have not set any permissions, I can b able to PING ma machine from the CMD prompt from this machines but cant access, i have disabled all firewalls, i have reinstalled the network severally, I HAVE RUN OUT OF IDEAS. CAN SOMEBODY HELP coz i dont want the printer on anyones else machine.

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      by blackcurrant ·

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      make sure that *every* machine has *exactly* the same account names and passwords. And give each account appropriate rights for the tasks each account user will need to perform. You should be ok then.

      Good luck

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      by hozcanhan ·

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      use the create a small home network wizard and do the workgroup name , comp name and the rest over again. if that doesn’t help in network neighbourhood look at the properties of the tcp/ip . in that window there is the advanced tab . click and go in to the next window . here up there you will see a wins tab . click on it and since you are not using dhcp click on
      “enable ” NETBIOS over tcp . good luck .

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      by jkaras ·

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      yup hozcanhan@… had it right you need to create them all in a work group. when you try to map them it should read \\work group name\comp1

      also to make your life easier a hub or router with a print server on it makes sharing soooo much easier. Remember that the primary pc that has the printer needs to be powered up or the other pc wont be able to access it.

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      by cg it ·

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      try rejoining the 2 comps that can not access the shared resource to the workgroup.

      as the other 2 guys have suggested, make sure the user account your using is on all comps in the workgroup. make sure that the everyone group was not removed from the shared resource. If the everyone group was removed from the shared resource security settings, then you have to either put it back in or add each user to the security settings for the resource or add them to a security group and add the group to the security settings.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      just run Control Panel/Network Setup Wizard on one of them an let it create a floppy to take to the othrs. that will set up the proper user accounts, workgroup name and the rest.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      You’ll need to run the Network Setup Wizard on the primary computer that access the Internet first and then all subsequent computers so you can either chose to run the setup a Home/small business network from each computer or create a floppy and use that on all the subsequent computers. You’ll also need to enable File & Printer Sharing when you run the Wizard of the individual units will not be seen and you need to keep them all on the one work-group.

      If you do it that way there should be no problems but I do agree that a Network Printer would be a much better option as that way you do not need one computer constantly turned on all the time and you will not constantly be having people disrupt you coming to get their printed articles.

      There is one other advantage of a Network Printer as well which currently is not an issue with you but once you get more than 10 XP boxes on the same work-group anymore than the 10 will not be able to make a connection as XP Pro only supports 10 concurrent connections. IF you have XP Home that limit is 5 concurrent connections so if that is the case you’ll be at your upper limit right now.


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      by rubsmong ·

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      Adding a new computer

      by oreanam ·

      In reply to Network Problem

      In WIN XP SP2 computers there is a way to add a new computer by connecting the new computer into the router using the lan jacka on the back of the router.

      This will allow you to program all of the setup including the security. It’s one of the networking wizards(I used it once last week and don’t remember how I got there.) I used this as a last ditch effort to get my last computer to talk to the network.

      Sorry, I could give only a hint of something that is there. Someone more nerdy maybe able to chime in.

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