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Network problem

By rreed65 ·
One user on our network kicks everyone off of DSL when they plug in (at any station). Connection is restored as soon as they unplug. User has Windows 2000; TCP/IP connection is auto-detect. Have checked all network settings against another Win 2000 user and no differences. Any ideas?

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by Kinetechs In reply to Network problem

It sounds like one of the more recent worm/trojan infections. What's probably happening is that the DSL is not getting disconnected but rather the PC is flooding the circuit trying to spread and it appears that the DSL is dropping.

Restart the PC in safe mode and scan will antivirus software. Network Associates has a free tool to remove some. Look up the information for every infection detected, you can use McAfee, Symantec, or Trend Micro websites. It will tell you the mechanism used to spread (some use weak passwords while others use holes in the OS or other software). Fix each one to prevent reinfection.

Good luck.

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by baz_shaw In reply to Network problem

I agree with the first answer, but if it persists after a thorough virus scan, I would be inclined to suspect a hardware problem. I've experienced bad NIC cards flooding a network with spurious data. Try replacing it. Otherwise get a free packet sniffer from and see what is actually coming out of that box.

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by ITmanTPC In reply to Network problem

The first answer is correct. You probably notice a bunch of activity on the DSL modem, right? You can dl the free edition Anti-Virsu AVG from Grisoft. scan that system, use trends cleaner and your done.

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by omie In reply to Network problem

First of all I agree with the first post that there might be a virus lurking in the system.

Before you do thins that is drastic is to check the configuration of that particular computer that is kicking everybody out. If there is a personal firewall program installed disable it, for there is a big chance that is causing the lockout.

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by jamrock In reply to Network problem

This may will be an hardware problem. NIC can cause this. Remove or disable the current NIC and install a new one.

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by rreed65 In reply to Network problem

Virus it was...problem solved. Thanks for the help.

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