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    Network Problem !?


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    My local area network is working properly. I has been using a router to support my LAN to connect to the Internet. But I found that everytime I ping the external IP (public) or ping by the domain name, I get the ‘requested time out’ message, but I still can access to any of those website or by the domain name or IP without any problem, is there anything wrong with my network configuration !?

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      Network Problem?!

      by jkrautter ·

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      Are you NATing behind the router and are you running any firewalls? If you having it running in stealth mode then the router won’t return ping replys.

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        Ever heard about

        by voldar ·

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        filters? I think you have ICMP filtered – that means ping is not possible to use. You can check a tracert – this should work.

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