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Network problem with windows server 2003

By mark@pacific ·
My server, an HP DL380, looses its network connection when booting up to windows server 2003. But during start up from BIOS up to the point where the server detects the devices installed, there is network activity, it only disconnects when windows starts to load. I
already tried changing the network cable but still failed. any help?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Network problem with wind ...

Make sure that the NIC drivers are up to date. Also check the event log to see if it is disabling it for some reason or the NIC is actually disabled in Network Connections.

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by shelli_2005 In reply to Network problem with wind ...

The connection is not accidentally disabled is it?

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Network problem with windows server 2003

by rbitter In reply to Network problem with wind ...


we had a similar problem with an HP box : that one has a 10/100 MB NIC.
Turned out the implementation of 'auto-negotiation' did not work correctly : whilst boot the NIC would be set to 10 MB and as soon as the OS tried to load the 32bit 100MB driver it could not complete the auto-negotiation. Setting the NIC to fixed 100MB full duplex solved that.

A similar experience i had with certain switches also.... sometimes a firmware upgrade can help.
I used a Sweex (&^#%&^$!) switch once and that one would not work with 3Com 3C90x NICs on full speed - full duplex 10MB was the max.... some other cards lost connectivity.

Your problem sounds different in 1 respect :
during boot the NIC uses its own logic to auto-negotiate, PXE, etc. After that, Windows loads its own drivers.
Has this ever worked ? Do you have the correct drivers, no conflicts ? Can you ping a machine connected to the server using a crosscable ? Have you tried to set the NIC to 10MB half duplex (to start with) ? Ran HP diag, or booting from a network floppy ?

best of luck,

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