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    network problem………pls help


    by drumro2 ·

    hi all,
    i gave my laptop to a friend to use briefly,when he returned it i discovered i cannot go on the internet anymore.laptop keep on showing problem with be precise it says unable to connect to network.i don’t know what to do to fix this problem…..pls help.

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      by drumro2 ·

      In reply to network problem………pls help


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      This is a good lesson in why not to loan computers

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to network problem………pls help

      Now how are you trying to connect to the network? If it’s through a Ethernet Port and you are getting that error message and everything else on that Hub/Switch is working you’ll have to uninstall the Ethernet Adaptor and then allow the system to reboot and load the correct drivers for the New Hardware that is found when Windows Opens.

      In there is nothing else currently working from that Hub/Switch unplug the Hub/Switch for about 20 seconds and then plug it back in and see if things work. Hubs/Switches quite often suffer from Power Spikes and stop working correctly.

      If you are trying to access the Internet through a WiFi connection you’ll most likely need to run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard again to get the system working and create a new WiFi Profile. Again before doing this unplug the WiFi Access Point and leave it without power for 20 seconds then plug it back in and then try the Wireless Network Setup Wizard.


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      network problem…

      by xyz… ·

      In reply to network problem………pls help

      It may be a problem wid your modem.
      You can try the Leased Line Modems from MRO-TEK, wich are full duplex with high data rates. For more information please visit “”


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