Network Problems

By Tyrone222 ·
I need a little help fixing the Internet on Windows XP Home Edition. My problem is that I can?t brows on the internet and all the drivers for my computer are installed. Also I bright up the Local Area Connection 2 status Box and I look at Activity under the General Tab and I realize that there is information being sent out but not receiving any. Can any one tell me why this happing ?

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little more info....

by tmalo627 In reply to Network Problems

Are you connecting wirelessly or plugged in? Also click the Start menu, select run and type CMD. This will open a command prompt. Once there type IPCONFIG /ALL. If you post your results from that, that will help diagnose your problem.

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Network Problems

by Tyrone222 In reply to little more info....

well i just went to the Command Prompt and when i type in IPCONFIG /ALL

well this is what showed up under the Ethernet Adapter Local Area Connection 2:

Physical Address.......... :01-23-45-67-89-AB
Dhcp Enabled.................. :yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled..... :Yes
Autoconfiguration IP Address.. :
Subnet Mask .................. :
Default Gateway............ :

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you are not getting an IP address from your provider

by shasca In reply to Network Problems

What happens in the command prompt when you type in ipconf /release
then type in ipconfig /renew

If you keep getting a 169... IP address you are not contacting their DHCP system.

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Network Problems

by Tyrone222 In reply to you are not getting an IP ...

I just type in Ipconfig /release and i still get the same IP Address. also when i type in ipconfig /renew.

This what i got:
An error occurred while renewing interface local Area Connection 2: unable to contact your DHCP Server. Request has timed out

So how can I go about fixing this problem on my 2nd Computer?

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network problems

by hellofellow In reply to Network Problems

I dont see a default gateway listed, that means your computer cannot communicate with your router. I would try reloading that first or try a new cable if you have one. Your modem could be bad too? Definitely a possibility if you got it from a cable company.

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Network Problems

by Tyrone222 In reply to network problems

well I dont think its my router or my modem cause i just reset them both and am using the internet on this computer so I know my router and modem is not the problem. So can any one tell me how to fix this problem?

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Is your router

by IC-IT In reply to Network Problems

set to hand out IP addressess through DHCP or do you need to enter a static address?
You can do an Ipconfig /all on your current system and see the Gateway, IP Address, Subnet, and DNS information.

Chances are you are using NAT addressing, so it should be in the;
172.16.x.x through 172.31.x.x
192.168.x.x ranges.

Other possibilities;
Bad cable
Bad router port
bad TCP/IP stack
bad NIC
Test the NIC and TCP/IP by typing this command from a cmd prompt.

You should get a reply back (it is a self loop).

On the working computer you may check your router settings by using a browser and typing the Gateway into the address line. This should result in a prompt to enter the routers user name and password.

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I would start by...

by tmalo627 In reply to Network Problems

Checking to make sure your DHCP client service is running on your machine. You can do this by navigating to your Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Double click on the one that says DHCP Client. Make sure it is set to automatic and started.

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PC Config

by magliola In reply to Network Problems


Please define PC's/Router/Cable or DSL modem hardware setup. Do you have desktop and laptop
setup and which type PC is working and which is not. If laptop is not working is WIFI switch turned on.

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Do an ipconfig

by Jacky Howe In reply to Network Problems

on the System that is working and post it for us.

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