Network problems

By mcleod_andre ·
G'day y'all. I have a network of 16 desktops, all running xp pro. I went to work this morning and found that i couldn't connect to the internet. I use a dsl modem and a network switch to provide net access to all computers. the modem indicates that everything is connected, but i still cannot access the net. Everything was fine when i last left it on wednesday. I notice that the ethernet light on the dsl modem comes on and off periodically. could this mean that my network switch is failing? If that's not it, i would greatly appreciate suggestions as to what might be happening.
Thanks much, and God bless y'all

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by LarryD4 In reply to Network problems

Before you chalk up the whole thing to the switch try replacing the cable.

But another question is this a Cable/DSL Firewalled Switch?

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Re: Cable?

by mcleod_andre In reply to Cable?

not sure if its firewalled, but its an NWAY 24 port 10/100mbps switch

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Ok then if its a switch

by LarryD4 In reply to Re: Cable?

Then whats the DSL device is it a Router or just a DSL cable modem?

And was this config ever working?

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Re: Ok then if its a switch

by mcleod_andre In reply to Ok then if its a switch

Its a dsl modem. Everything was working fine until this morning. I'm thinking the switch may be on its way out.

The modem is a SpeedTouch 516(i) Multi-User ADSL Gateway. It turns out its actually firewalled.

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To test and see if it's the switch...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Re: Ok then if its a swit ...

... plug one computer, maybe a laptop that's handy, directly into the modem and see if you have an internet connection. If you do, you know it's either the switch or the cables. Got a tester? If not, you could use the cable that you used to connect the laptop directly to the modem, and got a good connection with it, and start testing ports on the switch, one at a time. If it has even just one bad port, it's probably time to replace it. But, if you get a good connection, then test with the patch cable that normally goes into that port. Still get a connection?

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by mcleod_andre In reply to To test and see if it's t ...

i did that, and initially got no connection. but, i reset the switch and the modem, and got a connection. I think for certain, there are about 3 bad ports on the switch.
before i forget, is it possible to use more than one switch on the multiuser modem?
I have a 16 port cnet switch as well,(found it cast away in the store room at work.) i ended up switching over the network to that switch. It's working ok so far, but i'm short a few ports on the cnet(from 24ports on NWay, to 16ports with the cnet switch.) This is why i wanted to know if i could use two switches on the one modem, so i could have all my machines connected until i replace the NWay switch.

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Yes, if the modem has another port to plug it into.

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to ThumbsUp2

How many ports are on the modem? If you've got another place to plug in another switch, sure it will work. Of course, you can always uplink from one switch to the next temporarily. But, everyone on the second switch will be routed through that one cable, slowing them down (water through the pipe sort of thing). You could put printers on that second one though.

Be careful of the old dinosaurs you find in the storeroom. I once found one and tested it to see if it still worked, which it did. However, it was an old 10 speed. Slowed everything to a crawl, but it worked!

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Cycle the power

by Snuffy09 In reply to Network problems

Unplug the power to the modem, then unplug the power on your switch.

Plug the modem back in, and wait for a connection, then plug the switch back in.

Good luck

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Switch, Not a Router???

by technogeek-1995 In reply to Network problems

I thought you need a router to split the connection and assign IP addresses, not a switch. A switch can't assign IP's so it can't be used in this situation. You need a router...right?

(from what I understand)

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It depends on the modem....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Switch, Not a Router???

... some are actually routers themselves, some even with firewalls, but doling out IP addresses through the switch.

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