Network Problems

By jonaseymour69 ·
OK, im not much of a computer guy, but i can usually figure things out with a bit of time, however. i have a problem.

I bought a new computer and it connects easily to the internet via a Gigabyte wireless lan card, using a netgear router downstairs, however i can access the other two computers downstairs. i've tried 'set up home or small business network' wizard to connect to the "workgroup" workgroup that the 2 computers are on downstairs but that doesn't work. and i tried setting up wireless network via usb flash drive, but the computers downstairs don't have wireless cards because they are wired to the router.

How do i connect the wireless computer to the wired router of the other computers?

PS running XP on mine, and Vista and XP on the other 2

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Sorry, unless I've lost the ability to read English...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Network Problems

Your post makes no sense!

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i gotta agree with old

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Network Problems

your post makes no sense. get rid of the wireless card on the computer and use an Ethernet card. or, get a wireless router that has four lan ports in addition to the wireless 802.11g (or whatever you choose).

you say the comp (upstairs or downstairs) can connect to the internet and can access the two computers downstairs. so what's the problem? you can connect to the internet with all three computers, so again, what's the problem? and don't go through the network wizard. that's garbage.

right-click my computer, properties, computer name and add the computer to WORKGROUP. make sure all of them are like that. and plus, sharing doesn't magically happen. you have to share stuff from the computer with the resources you want to share.

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by sdomescik In reply to Network Problems

Not sure I understand either. Are you using two routers? If not, the problem may lie with your firewall on the new computer.

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