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network problems between xp and 2000

By BrookWay17 ·
I use a Dell D800 laptop at work which is on a domain. When I hook up the notebook to my local area network at home I can not access the XP computer that is one of the computers on my workgroup network at home. The laptop can hook up to the other Windows 2000 professional computers on the workgroup network and all of these computers can also hook up to the Windows XP system. I use a Linksys wireless router to access my home workgroup network. All other aspects of the network function properly I can even VPN into my domain network at work. Any assistance in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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by ComputerCookie In reply to network problems between ...

It would be nice to know what workgroup, IP and Subnet are being used.

Ensure your not fooled by subnet as opposed to

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by BFilmFan In reply to network problems between ...

Can you resolve the systems via NETBIOS and FQDN names?

Or just by IP?

Verify that the clients are all registering with the local DSN server.

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by ptaparia In reply to network problems between ...

By default any Windows XP Pro machine is either a part of a domain or a workgroup. Since you have set that the computer be a part of a domain, it will not be possible for you to access machines in your workgroup at home and vice versa.

You will have to play around with the Local Security Settings on each computer in your workgroup to "Allow Anonymous Access to Computer". These can be viewed in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Local Security Policy.

Also make sure that when you share any resource that you want to share on your network, make sure that the share permissions have "Everyone" account have atleast Read and Write permissions or as you want them to be.

Let me know if this works!

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by BrookWay17 In reply to network problems between ...

Thanks for all the informative responses but it looks like I have not properly defined the problem. First of all the domain computer is running Windows 2000. Additionally, I can access the XP computer by its IP address. I just cannot find it when I search for by its name. Unfortunately since the Linksys router is set up as a DHCP server the IP address of the XP computer changes from time to time.If I go into the router set up I can find the IP address assigned to the XP computer by looking in the DHCP client table. If I then search for the computer using this IP address I can find and access the XP computer. However I cannot search for the computer by its name. Any assistance in resolving this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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