Network Profiles appearing on user's PC

By orionluv ·
We have two users in our facility who are having other network profiles appear in their Documents and Settings. Scans with Symantec Endpoint and Malware Bytes shows nothing. What could be causing these profiles to replicate on their PC's?
These are Windows 2000 machines.

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Whose profile?

by Maevinn In reply to Network Profiles appearin ...

I'd start with determining whose profile it is and see if they're somehow logging in to that machine remotely for any reason (ie, using a shared resource, like a printer or application).

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by shasca In reply to Network Profiles appearin ...

You know for certain that these folkes never logged into these two PC's??

These two PC's recently imaged?

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by jszivos In reply to Network Profiles appearin ...

Sounds pretty normal. When you log into a computer, your profile will be stored in C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\

Maybe I don't understand the problem fully. Could you provide additional information?

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User Profiles mysteriously replicating

by porland In reply to Normal?

For example, we have one user who has 25 additional profiles from other users WHO HAVE NEVER LOGGED INTO THAT PC appearing on pc. It affects nearly every pc in our network. We have re-imaged some of the pc's. Within a couple of weeks, they too begin replicating profiles (of users who have never logged into that pc) again.

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More info needed........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to User Profiles mysteriousl ...

What is your network setup? Server?

You don't appear to be the original poster on this question, so are all of these machines Win2K or what?

Are the usernames which are appearing in these mysterious profiles valid usernames of real people, or are they random characters?

What kind of anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-hacking, anti-trojan sofware are you running (1) on the server if you have one and (2) on the client PC's?

Have you run full system scans for backdoor trojans while in safe mode?

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It's normal to see profiles in Documents and Settings

by CG IT In reply to More info needed........

like another poster mentioned. Anyone that logs on with a user name and password other than one already on the machine has a profile created on that machine.

Since you seem to not know about remote access and remote desktop, what it does, how it works, just ask yourself, if someone accesses the machine remotely, is a profile created? If someone accesses the machine using remote desktop, is a profile created?

If you can't answer that, try it out. Aftwards, you'll know the answer.

Here's a MS Technet article on managing user profiles.

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