Network Question - 2 Domain with 1 Router

I need to create 2 separate domains which can communicate. I currently have 1 Cisco 2800 router - is it possible to so this with 1 router? And if so, would anyone have steps to configure to router to handle the 2 domains.

I found 1 discussion, which contained config steps but which was for 2 routers.

Thanks in advance...

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I do not think you can have two Domains on the same network.

You can not have two domains on the same network. To do this with one router you will need a two switches. One Domain on each switch and then have both switches connected to the router. Or get a router that includes a switch, but then you will need two router switches.

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by jorge.blat.palacios In reply to Network Question - 2 Doma ...


Your router should have two network cards. One connecting to each server. It can be a direct connection (using a cross-cable) from each server to the router or using a network switch at each end (in this case no cross-cable). The servers will then connect to the switches.

If you are simply testing a solution. Perhaps you could use VMWare ESXi (It is free) and you can do some advance switch configuration.

If you are referring to Windows domains, you can connect them using the same network switch (simply configure two IP Addresses for each server so that they can see each other).

Another solution would be to use an additional network card at each server and connect them with a cross-cable.

A bit more challenging? configure one of your domains servers as a router (router and remote access services). You will need two network cards on the server acting as the router

Happy testing!

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