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By Jgates88 ·
Ive checked and rechecked the cabling and the computers. At first I thought that the Cabling was bad, then someone brought me a laptop that they said the NIC was bad on. I try and logon using an account that wasnt previously used on that machine and it tells me that the domain is unavailable, even though someone right across from me is diligently using the computer is this manner. I am able to do gpupdate/force and it pulls them asks me to restart and I do so, still nothing. I looked to make sure that it was added to the domaain it is there and Im still having problems. all I want to be able to do is send mail thru outlok and get them to the internet. I keep getting destination unreachable when I try and ping the gateway, tells me it is not getting out, but what about the gpupdate.... Any ideas?

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RE: tells me it is not getting out, but what about the gpupdate....

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Network question

Windows is telling you lies.

You need to start off with a Known Good system to get this working. First make sure that you can log onto the Domain before attempting to use a Suspect System.

Have you checked for Cross Over Cables in the Network? I've seen these used on numerous occasions which break the system and the only real way to catch them is with a Cable Tester these days, with the commercial Cable Makers using the same color Outers for both types of cable.


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If the PC is not connected to the LAN, it would say domain unavailable

by robo_dev In reply to Network question

For starters, do you have a link-light on?

Do you have a valid IP address?

In the network status, is the packet-count greater than zero?

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incorrect DNS server listed

by CG IT In reply to If the PC is not connecte ...

will also indicate domain unavailable.

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In fact

by NexS In reply to incorrect DNS server list ...

Any possible reason that the computer cannot 'see' the domain you're asking for, would return "Domain unavailable".

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Starting at the computer in question

by Kenone In reply to Network question

Do you have a link light at the ethernet port?
Do you get an activity light there?
If no to either then you have a connection problem.
If yes to both then go to services;
Make sure that the "workstation" service is started also check all the network services. As a last resort you might want to remove the NIC from device manager and reboot allowing it to re-install.

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If someone tells you that the NIC is bad

by NexS In reply to Network question

Then your testing should have triggered the thought that, maybe, the NIC was bad.

It's a laptop, try the wireless.

Chances are, the NIC is bad.

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If it looks like a duck

by robo_dev In reply to If someone tells you that ...

and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands.

Douglas Adams

Swap the NIC. Repeat, swap the NIC.

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by NexS In reply to If it looks like a duck

And after the NIC has been swapped, quack like a duck.

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