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Network Rewire Project

By longennamer ·
I am currently researching cost involved in rewiring our small office building. I'm looking for a checklist of items involved so I don't forget anything (ie: wall plates, keystone jacks, patch panels, etc.). Also, what is recommended number of network ports to put in a standard office? and how does one plan for future needs?


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Network Rewire Project

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Network Rewire Project

To properly answer this needs a building inspection, but here are some ideas.

Cable, jacks, wall plates, patch panels, keystone jacks, cable trays, cable conduit, anchor bolts for trays and conduit, wall plate brackets, cabinets for patch panels and switching equipment, switching equipment (switches routers etc), tools for making holes in walls for cables and wall plates, cabling tools, tools for making holes inside cavity areas, tools for feeding cable through cavity areas, patch cables for the panels and the PCs etc, people to do things.

The number of sockets per office will vary on the office layout and its use. As a basic rule I work out how many sockets are needed for the current PCs and network devices and then double that, and make sure that you have that many available for use from anywhere in the office. My basic is a double socket on either side of each office. Yes this is overkill, but when someone decides to rearrange the office you want to be able to just switch at the patch panel not have cables lying everywhere. And dont forget to check that you have enough electrical power points in each office and that the circuit breakers can handle the load. If you need to put in more power points best to do it whilst cabling.

Always put the patch panels and switches where you can lock them up and keep an eye on them. In a small office you can usually get away with having one large patch panel somewhere very near to your location. If spread over two or more floors or different ends of a larger building set up secure patch panels for each floor/area and run a high speed link between them. make sure everything is properly labelled with unique and easy to follow codes.

Check what the walls are made out ofand filled with.

Spend more time on the dvance planning and you will save time in the installation.

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Network Rewire Project

by d.walker5 In reply to Network Rewire Project

Depending on your situation, consider wireless. You'll need Access Points (APs), Domain Controller(s), an IAS server, and for security I suggest Certificates. With this scenario you'll need a CA Root Server and a CA Issusing Server. I recently installed this configuration in a two story office with 188 nodes. The customer is happy, so I'm happy. The planning, install and operation is earier than you think. Anyway, something to consider.

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Network Rewire Project

by CJNMIS In reply to Network Rewire Project

Answer #1 is pretty thorough. Also, don't forget to get the testing results from your CAT5 installer. If you can spend the money, get CAT5e.

Don't forget to also ground your rack and electricity requirements as well as BTU/heat displacement, and proper cooling.

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Network Rewire Project

by wlbowers In reply to Network Rewire Project

Find a data communications company in your area to come in and give you an price on prewire. Most telephone companies do data as well.

They will do as much of the job as you want. I usually have them pull and certify the wire, install the jacks,and laydown the patch panels. The electrical codes have changed concerning the wiring standards of class II and these guys know this stuff.

The number of ports is usually determined by where would I want to put a computer. I know it sounds sillybut stand in the room and look around. If you would have to run a wire from a jack to a computer or printer and it is going to be in the way you need another jack.

If desks are going to be in the center of a large room you are going to need datapoles to come from the ceiling. If you think you might put a computer there install a jack.

Hope this has helped a little.
Email me direct if you have questions.


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by Kinetechs In reply to Network Rewire Project

Answer 1 is a great answer...covers everything.

I too would suggest doubling each cable pull. Cable is cheap...labor isn't! Having the extra drops for growth or the "bad" cable is a life-saver.

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by flan In reply to Network Rewire Project

uhh... basically you need to have a license to do this kind of work in a commercial builing. and if you don't know the anwers to these questions, you don't have a license and therefore can't do the work. but basically just double what they need and that'll cover what the company needs for two year.

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