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Network rumblings from south of the border

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Upper management issues

by trininet In reply to Network rumblings from so ...

<p>Hey people, let me just start out by saying that I'm really into my job.  I've been in IT the last 10 years or so in one form or fashion.  I recently started as the network admin for a major corporation and have run smack into the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.  Have you ever noticed that you get requests to better leverage the edge of the company through technology, but when you present your proposal, its always cut this, cut that?</p>
<p>The biggest one though is recently I and another guy from the department recently went to a remote location to install a new server and 4 clients; the accounting staff was flying in later that evening to enter data.  It was only when we hit the location that we realised that all of the network lines had to be redone, which we one flipping day! And got the servers and clients in as well!  The management type that came in with the accounts was peeved because he had to wait 2 hours to start entering data. Come on, the network is operating better than ever; I know, I checked.  I have found that management frequently have no idea of the impact of IT and also on how the solving of one problem can expose others that have to be solved.  </p>
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